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Flashing Glitter Heart Wholesale

These light up heart necklaces flash in sparkly blue, red and silver. They really are an eye catcher and can be cheap at wholesale levels. Flashing glitter Heart necklaceBright red & blue LED'sFantastic glitter effectBatteries loaded + safety lanyardEn71 certified & RoHS complian

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Flashing Skull Sword Wholesale

Flashing Skull Sword with a 63cm (24 inch) length featuring a light up skull handle design, 7 static colour modes and a flashing mode. 63cm Length8cm skull diameterSuitable for children aged 3 and over8 modes7 Static colour Modes1 Flashing ModeRequires 3 x AA batteries (included)

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Flashing Space Gun Wholesale

Flashing space gun with spinning light effects, -have to be seen to be beleived - super bright led lights, spinnning light effects bright blue spotlight / beam. Futuristic space gun design. * Batteries included

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Wholesale Glow Sticks 4

Available in a mixture of blue, green, yellow, pink and orange or all in yellow these 4 inch glow sticks are a great buy at wholesale level. Supplied in bulk bags, each bag contains fifty 4" glow sticks with a 10 mm diameter, end caps and lanyards and features safety information and instructions on the bag only. These lightsticks glow for 8+ hours 2 year shelf life guaranteed.

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Glow Sticks Wholesale 6

Buy wholesale glow sticks 6" and make good savings on unit cost. They come in a mixture of colours (8) or all the same colour These glowsticks are full sized 'nightclub' or 'Delux' 6" Individually wrapped or bulk packs of 25 light sticksComes with lanyard/string enclosed15mm diameter with hook & eyeGlowing: lightsticks will glow for minimum 8+ hours'FRESH' stock - 2 year shelf life guaranteedFULLY UK CERTIFIED

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Magnetic Body Lights Wholesale

Bright flashing magnetic bodylights Bright alternate RED & BLUE LED's Magnetic back to attach to clothes etc 1.5 cm long -1cm in diameterAttach to clothes, ears, fridge etc. and Batteries loaded - 2x LR41 includedEn71 certified & RoHS compliant

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LED Tube Bracelets Wholesale

Bright and colourful, these fantastic LED Tube Bracelets Wholesale use bright multicoloured LED's to create a funky flashing effect around the wrist. Brilliant fun, they're ideal for sale at fundraisers, clubs or parties. LED tube braceletFlashing multicoloured effectRed, blue and green flashing LED's8.5cm diameter when wrapped around wristOn/off operationSuitable for 3yrs +Batteries included and ready to go!

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Flashing Santa Hat Wholesale

Flashing santa hats are perfect for your christmas party! Accessorise your festivities with these plushy soft santa hats - each featuring flashing STARS! Plush santa hats with 5 flashing STARS 2 x replaceable AG13 batteries inserted On/Off switch

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Flashing Squid Hat Wholesale

Flashing Squid Hat Wholesale is ideal for fancy dress parties, fun photo booths and nautical themed events. Long floppy tentacles and big cartoon eyes feature flashing white LED's. Flashing squid hat with LED tentacles and eyesVibrant orange velour One size fits all Supplied with 2 x CR2032 battery

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Flashing Monster Eyes Wholesale

Fantastic fun, Flashing Monster Eyes Wholesale are ideal for themed events and parties! Available in either green or blue, these head boppers feature alien antennae topped with googly eyes that are lit by flashing red and blue LED's. Hands free fun, these flashing monster eyes sit on a flexible head band that will comfortably fit most. Flashing Monster Eyes headbandRed and blue flashing LED's Available in green and blue (please note that colours will be chosen randomly unless stated on small quantities)3 x AG10 batteries included and ready to go!

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Flashing Windmill Gun Wholesale

A compact toy gun, the Rainbow Windmill Gun Wholesale packs a punch of fabulous colour! Two windmill arms are filled with colourful LED’s so that when you pull the trigger they rotate to create psychedelic circles of colourful light! Brilliant for parties, concerts and large events, these windmill light guns are ideal for kids of all ages. Flashing Rainbow Windmill Gun Two arms packed with colourful LED's Pull the trigger for colourful halo's of light Size: 15cm x 14cm Batteries included and ready to go!

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3ft Giant Glow Star Balloons (2 Pack)

An unusual pair of balloons which are fabulous for parties and celebrations. 3ft in diameter, once it's been inflated with helium it can float for up to 3 days, and has the potential to remain inflated for weeks if cared for correctly. This 100% natural latex balloon is biodegradable and will decompose quickly. Contains 2 balloons3ft diameter 100% natural latex More effective under UV or blacklight * Note: Not Suitable for children under 36 months, may pose a choking hazard

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Dalmatian Candles (4 Pack)

Adorable and cute Dalmatian Candles sit on small stakes that fit perfectly into birthday and celebration cakes. A fun way to liven up and personalise cakes for any occasion, these little puppies are each individual characters that make great decorations for kids and dog lovers. 4 pack of Dalmatian puppy candles4 individual candles8cm tallEach puppy is 4cm tallVery cute!

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Space Candles (4 Pack)

This set of four Space Candles feature two space shuttles and two astronauts in a cute set of birthday or celebration candles that are out of this world for budding space explorers and anyone that loves space themed fun. Each candle sits on a stake that fits perfectly into cakes so that they keep their balance perfectly, for unique and cute cake decorations 4 pack of space themed cake candlesFeatures two space shuttles (or rockets) and two spacemenHeight: 8cmHeight of each character: 5.5cmGreat for kid’s birthday cakes!

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Dinosaur Birthday Candles (5 Pack)

A pack of five adorable Dinosaur Birthday Candles that are ideal for theming your child's birthday cake, these cute purple dinosaurs come ready to go on wooden spikes so that all you need to do is place them on your cake. Perfect for little boys and little girls, this pack of five delightful dinosaurs are more "Barney" than "Jurassic Park" and will brighten up any cake for an extra cute touch that kids will love. Pack of 5 dinosaur cake candles7cm x 3cm Purple dinosaursGreat for kids parties

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Aqua Crystals 15g

This decorative gel Aqua Crystal actually expands up to 50 times in volume when added to water, creating a stunning translucent effect, especially when combined with LED vases. Alternatively, place a Floralyte LED candle or a glowstick amidst the crystals to create an amazing colourful focal point. An odourless and decorative soil substitute for indoor plants and floral arrangements, the crystals hold water for up to 2 months, minimizing the need for regular watering. You can even float candles in them!Expand up to 50 times in volume!Colour with food colouring or better still glowsticks for outstanding effects!The 15g pack will make up to 2 litres of crystals100% Non-toxic & Biodegradable

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6cm LED Baubles (6 Pack)

Decorating for Christmas is always fun but these LED baubles will really up the ante. Each glass bauble in this set of six is filled with a different Christmas tree or angel figurine, and is illuminated by a colour changing LED. Hang the delicate ornaments on your tree or incorporate them into your festive table decorations to add a colourful glow to Christmas dinner. Batteries are replaceable so they will brighten up many a Christmas, for years to come. Set of six glass baubles with colour changing LEDSix different Christmas tree and angel designsHang from your Christmas tree or use for festive centrepiecesMeasures 6cm (diameter)Requires 3 x AG-3 batteries (included)Batteries are replaceable

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Candle Bags Heart (3 Pack)

A soft and pretty design that projects warm candle light onto patios, pathways, decking and tables that's perfect ambient lighting for parties, weddings and those beautiful warm evenings outdoors. Simple but effective, put a handful of sand or small stones into the candle bag to keep it upright and then place a tea light inside for a soft warm glow. 3 pack of candle bagsBags 26.5cm tall x 15cm x 9.5cmRe-use candle bags over and overadd tealight candles for beautuiful candle illumination indoors or out!

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Colour Flame Birthday Candles (12 pack)

Colour Flame Birthday Cake Candles - with a difference! As you would expect from this fantastic range these candles burn with red, purple, green, blue and gold flames to add extra magic to birthdays & special occasions. A pack of 12 Angel Flames candles complete with cake candleholders. The colour of the flames coordinates with the colour of the wax. Certainly the best birthday cake candles we have seen. A superb use of the colour flame technology that never fails to bring smiles

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Procession Torch Garden Candles (3 pack)

Although you should always be very careful with naked flames nothing quite sets an atmosphere like good old fashioned fire. These items can be used as a hand held torch/flare often seen in night time processions or used as garden candles. They have a slow burn time of approximately 60 minutes and are made from a non-drip wax. When used as a processional torch the products are used with a drip stopper (supplied) or if used in the garden as a garden candle or ‘flare’, they are simply pushed into soft ground by hand or using a mallet (remove the handle from the candle, insert into the ground & then place the candle back on the handle). The candles are made from top quality materials including a non-drip wax – but please note that if used in windy conditions this can cause the wax to drip and the wax can drip when lighting. We do not recommend that these torches are used in windy conditions. Hand held or pushed into soft groundSlow 60 minute burn timeCreate or highlight walkways or entrancesUse to identify boundariesThe ultimate outdoor accent lightingDimensions (Candle): 40cm x 3cmDimensions (Holder): 10cm Benefits over traditional garden candles: Can be hand heldMuch bigger & broader flameIncreased wind resistance to being extinguished You must be 18+ to purchase this product

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