Featured Rubbish Presents

Cheese Grater Loo Roll

The Cheese Grater Loo Roll is a great and hilarious bad gift for all those real men out there!We all..

Price: £4.95

Crafting With Cat Hair

Rubbish present for cat lovers. Are there fur balls piled up in every corner of your home? Do you lo..

Price: £11.95

Doo Doo Head Mask

Sure to get laughs with this rubbish funny mask gift. Sure to stand out at the next party Fits most ..

Price: £19.95

Finger Nose Hair Trimmer

Check out this beautiful rubbish present! You know when you stop at traffic lights and have a look a..

Price: £8.95

Racing Grannies

Although grannies aren't always known for their racing skills, our Racing Grannies make a hilarious ..

Price: £7.49

Space Hopper Binbags

The Space Hopper Binbags look just like the retro bouncing toy from the 70's! These bright orange bi..

Price: £4.99

Cunt Keyring

Beautiful laser cut cherry wood cunt set in white-backed clear acrylic. This classy little number is..

Price: £9.99

Bubble Wrap Costume

Whenever a package or parcel comes our way, we’re always more interested in the thought of the bubbl..

Price: £12.95

Lip Shit - Pineapple Brown Sugar

This vintage style lip balm tin makes for a really original gift! Hold on to moisture with the Lip S..

Price: £6.99

The Original Toilet Mug

A truly bad gift. This silly toilet-shaped mug holds up to 12oz of your favorite hot beverage and wi..

Price: £10.99

Magical Unicorn Slippers

What a crap present these would make! Plush unicorns with embroidered details and golden horns Slip-..

Price: £24.95

Bacon Toothpaste

Can't decide if this is rubbish or awesome. So you've enjoyed your scrumptious bacon sandwich in the..

Price: £4.95

Bogey Man - Egg Yolk Separator

Boogers Boogers, everywhere! Boogers, Boogers in your hair! Nobody likes a load of snot in their hai..

Price: £4.95

Cool Bananas Oven Glove

What a crap oven glove! It looks cool and will help keep your digits cool when taking food out of th..

Price: £7.99

Hand Shit hand Cream - Vanilla Hibiscus

This vintage style hand cream tin makes for a really original rubbish gift! Hold on to moisture with..

Price: £7.99

Inflatable Willy Costume

What a truly bad fancy dress costume!  Inflatable Willy Costume with attached fan Battery compa..

Price: £26.95

Irish Accent Mouth Spray

The Irish accent is one of the sexiest accents in the world and you too can speak like a native 'Oir..

Price: £6.99

Batman Bath Duck DC Comics

Turn every bathtime into an adventure with fun this Batman Bath Duck. This isn't any ordinar..

Price: £6.00

The Man Sack

Who says fashion can't be anatomically correct? Certainly not this rather fetching man sack!  A..

Price: £14.99

Bike Life T-shirts

UK and Worldwide Bike Life T-Shirt Designs..

Price: £15.36

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